Bond ..James Bond Island.. :)

007 Double-O-seven : Bond ..James Bond.. :)

If you are a fan of James Bond or even not, you will be a fan of the James Bond island in Phuket for sure.

Here is a small video of my trip :

I would suggest not to purchase this tour from hotel or airport as its very expensive.

You can save money by booking the trip online by signing up here:

The package includes:
-Hotel Pickup from main locations
-Boat Transfer
-Life jacket
-Lunch (veg and non-veg options with unlimited cola/water)
-fruits as the snack at end of the tour

There is two kind of options:
-Speed Boat transfer 
-Big Boat transfer

The first option can be bumpy sometimes because of rough see but it takes less time. 
It took around 1 hour from the pier to the James Bond island by the Big Boat.

We had the first stop for the Kayaking at Phang Nga Bay, where water is not so clean but kind of muddy. The most exciting part is Kayaking through the caves. In case of high tides, you may not be able to Kayak as high water level made it difficult to enter into the narrow openings of the caves.

You can enjoy it for 30-45mins to take photos or videos but it's usually overcrowded so not enough to find your personal space :)

After a quick stop at Phang Nga Bay, we had the lunch in the boat itself. Lunch was good enough as it has Fried chicken, chicken curry, veg curry, chicken fried rice, veg fried rice etc.

Later on, we were taken to the James bond island, but it was done by transferring into a small boat. Be careful of all your belongings and kids while transferring from one boat to other as tides may create a lot of movement in the boats.

There are toilets on the James bond island for men and women. You can spend 30-45 minutes on the island to takes photo or buy some souvenir.

Before the end of the trip, we were taken to the other island where we could do kayaking and Swimming for 15-30 minutes. 
This part of the tour was very refreshing as a quick swim in the cold water after a hot day helped us recharge our batteries. We were taken back to the main boat and offered fresh fruits to hydrate yourself.

We were taken back to the pier after 1-hour ride before we were dropped back to the hotel around 7PM.

I would suggest booking the same tour to enjoy the best of Phuket has to offer.

Hope you have a good time in Phuket, please leave your suggestion or doubts on the link or in the video comments :)

Disclaimer: I am not associated with any brand, its just my personal view without any intention to promote/demote any individual or brand. Though it's only done to share my memories and not for monetary benefits, but please give due credit or take permission for using any content (blog/images/videos)


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